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Family man, founder/CEO, investor & CrossFitting ultra runner. Businesses apply cognitive science to goal setting & goal achievement for leaders. Love life.

How to set a ‘Mission above profit’ and why it’s vital

Mission Peak by Josh Hawley

We can all do a job. Whether for money or not, we can understand the tasks we need to do – by when and at what quality – and then do them. Some of us are more motivated to do a good job – for the sake of doing a good job – than others. Some work harder than others ... Read More »

Cognitive science is fundamental to business success

Most people who run businesses fail to understand the importance of applying an understanding of the cognitive sciences within their businesses. They do not realise that success in every aspect of what they do – from customer understanding, team management and supplier relationships through to self management and strategic thinking – is built on varying degrees of understanding the nature ... Read More »

‘How to Improve Memory’ is Really About Improving Intelligence?

From an early age our memory is tested. We know from cramming for exams and learning by rote however that within days we’ve forgotten much of what we’d learned. Learning sciences, and the understanding of the importance of techniques like spaced learning, are now shedding a lot of light on how we learn best. Yet we still want to know ... Read More »

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Neuro Coaching

Neuro coaching presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the modern CEO, entrepreneur or founder. The challenge is the more obvious. After all, neuro refers to neurological processes: the interaction between the nervous system and the brain. Immediately this raises questions for the more rational, logical business person; ‘how do you coach the brain?’ being the most common. This ... Read More »

Coaching is a uniquely human skill: what CEOs need to do

Coaching is brilliant. This isn’t an unadulterated sales message. It’s written because of what happens when you entertain that we’re the only creature that we know that coaches other creatures of the same species. Not only that, often the coach knows less – or is less skilled – than the person receiving the coaching. So how does that work? When ... Read More »

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the core leadership skill

Your Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is your ability to see, evaluate and act on or control feelings and emotions: yours, those of others and of a group. It is the core leadership skill because it regulates both your self-management and all your thoughts, behaviours and responses to other people. You are not a machine; you as a leader are an ... Read More »

How to assess your 7 levels of business effectiveness

The seven levels of business effectiveness represent the core areas that a business leader should focus on in order to do better in business.  Importantly, they should be considered from the top of the pyramid down as they are connected and interact with each other. Unfortunately for you, when your effectiveness at any of these levels is suboptimal, they become ... Read More »

Information overload: 5 simple but critical tricks to avoid it

Anyone who wants to be both up to date with their personal development, knowledge and skills and remain connected and current with their information-sharing is there already. The pile of unread business books grows ever-higher, reading lists now prioritised latest release-first to at least attempt to keep up with what’s new. Subscriptions to business magazines, specialist and trade press act ... Read More »

Your Guide to Spaced Learning and How to Apply It

What role does memory and learning have in our current world of smart phones always on hand, the cloud always accessible and a plethora of note taking and outsourced memory software like Evernote? When most of us can open a browser window and a search engine within minutes, why is the assimilation of new information in the context of ongoing personal ... Read More »

How to Use the 80/20 Rule to Improve Your Time Management

Time management is starting to feel like one of the great certainties in life. Death, taxes and time management issues. In our age of information overload CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs are major sufferers of the time management epidemic. Volumes of advice are produced each year. There are common principles around which millions of words are written and rewritten. They’re not ... Read More »

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