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Who Is Scarlet?

Silhouette by Moi CodyScarlet is your constant mentor. She is your main point of contact in all your dealings with us.

‘Ask Scarlet’ is your goal support service.

We want Constant Mentor to become a part of your life. We know there are times when you feel stuck, or need to ask someone independent for help. ‘Ask Scarlet’ is included as part of your programme.

  • Ask Scarlet anything
  • She’ll email you back with a short answer as fast as she can
  • …and that’s it
The thing that I value most so far is…
…how quickly I’m helped to get to the heart of a challenge, analyse what’s most important and find a way through. It speeds things up and helps build momentum, which is vital for a small business – Antony Mayfield, MD. Brilliant Noise
The thing that I value most so far is…
…the alternative point of view – Neil Edwards, MD. The Marketing Eye
The thing that I value most so far is…
…the genuinely committed support – Rob Ashton, MD. Emphasis Business Writing Trainers

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