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Why Constant Mentor?

Raw Fogs by Geir Tønnessen ( about not fulfilling your potential, hitting your targets or achieving your strategic goals? Secretly feel like you and your business are stuck or blocked? Join the club.

As a goal-oriented and aspirational species we revel in self-help and personal development. Unfortunately the mass market of goal tracking & reminder apps and ‘How-to’ guides fail to address how difficult it is to do the hard work required over a long period of time to achieve even simple goals.

Constant Mentor enables leaders to achieve any goals. Constant Mentor draws on over 1,000 scientific studies to create an ideal infrastructure via which goals can be set and achieved. As your time and attention is a scarce resource, we then use persuasive technologies to engineer your productive new habits by constantly chasing your commitments, holding you accountable and making you take action to remove your blockers.

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Case Study

Nikki’s shareholders weren’t just relying on her to be the MD of the existing business. They also needed her to be the MD of their future business: a constantly goal setting and achieving asset.

Nikki Gatenby, now MD of Propellernet – one of the UK’s fastest growing search marketing & social media agencies – and previously Client Services Director at TMW, has had a fast track career to date. Part of her success has been her investment in personal development and coaching. The challenge previously has always been to stop her investment in removing her blockers becoming another item on her to-do list that doesn’t get done. On becoming MD, she also realised her time on coaching, mentoring and developing her team was keeping her from achieving her own goals: for herself and the business.

The focused and time flexible aspects of ConstantMentor have enabled her to achieve her business and personal goals faster. Propellernet has now quadrupled in size and won multiple industry awards.


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