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Hard Work, Habits & Execution

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Actions Are Priceless. Plans Are Meaningless.

Action is Priceless. Planning is Meaningless.

Humans are hard-wired for action. We evolved the ability to plan to take better actions. Don’t confuse the two. You can spend so long in your head and on paper/ screen, modelling scenarios, that real life becomes oppressive. A ‘Deep End’  in business forces you to attach an immediate (usually uncomfortable) action to any plan, or element of a plan, ... Read More »

Implementation failure is everywhere: 8 people-based rules to avoid it

Failure to implement and execute new projects and initiatives is common in many organisations. Many excuses are given for lack of implementation – overwork, time constraints, changed priorities – but these are often given retrospectively. The real reasons for the failure tend to have already been baked in at the start of the project or activity, and are very human problems. ... Read More »

7 unusually effective communication principles for CEOs

Knowing where to take your business is down to your ability to create a compelling mission above profit. Your strategic effectiveness is then required to create the long term plans of action to achieve the mission. Knowing what those who would be led, need to be led at this point in time to support and execute the achievement of the mission is ... Read More »

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