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ConstantMentor - Business Growth Through Cognitive ScienceConstant Mentor is built around the research and output of the most respected goal setting & achievement academics and business thinkers in the world. Over 1,000 studies form the theory behind the goal setting & achievement infrastructure Constant Mentor uses.

A global team established by Si Conroy collaborate on content strategy, tools and software. Writers, software and content engineers work together behind our mission to get the world’s leaders to better grow their businesses through applying lazy learning and goal achievement theory.

Constant Mentor clients globally are part of a constant research project into the efficacy of the coaching interventions. This leads to the evolution of the programmes.

25% of profits are allocated to a research fund to invest into original scientific research into how we can apply lazy learning, goal setting & achievement theory to grow businesses.

Please mail or for anything you need help with.

Case Study - NickCase Study

Nick Morley has a technical background and went through a whole conversion process to become manager and then leader. Constant Mentor helped every step of the way when his potential had been identified by his CEO at the time.

Now director of Fresh Egg, an integrated digital marketing company, he’s using his skills to grow the offering and team required to deliver it. Using Constant Mentor for Nick means a constant and necessary self-awareness about how he can improve his personal, management and leadership goal achievement. His aim is to develop the rest of his senior teams’ performance by using the Constant Mentor service.

What works best for him? The regular small investment in his ability to achieve his goals means that he is constantly improving himself, his thinking and the quality and volume of his outputs. It’s a comfort and a ‘worry-removed’ that he’s not failing to work at fulfilling his potential.


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