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Constant Mentor Service

All-In-One Personal & Business Goal Service for Leaders & the Ambitious

Easy goal achievement with customised, remote action & coaching interventions

  • Engineer your success: set perfect goals after identifying weaknesses in your infrastructure
  • Commitment & accountability: do the work required because of constant commitment chasing
  • Constant support: we guide you through what you specifically need to achieve your goals.
  • Time efficient: bite-size interventions capture your attention.

Tailored Programmes

TAILORED DEVELOPMENTCustomised programmes are created and evolved for you using our bespoke goal setting process. We evaluate how complete your goal setting and achievement skills are. The blockers to your business and personal growth are identified. We then use this information to tailor the Constant Mentor service for you. You will then be periodically reassessed, enabling your progress to be monitored in detail and the interventions to be adapted accordingly.

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Scientifically Effective

Scientifically EffectiveWe combine the latest thinking in the cognitive sciences and goal setting & achievement research. We use the output of some of the best psychologists, neuroscientists and high achievement experts in the world. Interventions are engineered to make you think differently about you and your goals, and then do better in achieving them. A delivery mechanism maximises your attention gaps & learning ability. Important interventions are repeated based on spaced learning principles. We work on your focus & the repeated behavioural changes needed for you to change.

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SMS & Email Interventions

SMS & Email InterventionsYour individually tailored goal setting and achievement programme is delivered via multiple daily SMS text and email. These daily interventions are bite-size for immediate consumption so that you think different and achieve more in real-time. SMS text and email as a delivery mechanism maximises your attention gaps and learning ability, whilst delivering content that is tailored to get you to act quickly.

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Calls-to-ActionThe software intervenes in your usual thought patterns to get you to act differently. To do better. We believe in applying cognitive science to goal setting & achievement because of our belief that we are built as humans for heuristics and hacking. You respond better to rules of thumb and shortcuts that deliver the 80% return for 20% effort. As brilliant as humans are, there’s too much theory and too little ‘how-to’ in life.

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Well Being & Goal Setting

Goal Setting & ExecutionIt is too easy to focus on certain goals because they seem easier to achieve, or it’s what society expects of you. You then find yourself dissatisfied or feeling empty. Constant Mentor establishes your longer-term prioritised goals based on recognised areas of well being that mankind has judged to represent ‘a life well lived’. It then chases you to execute on them – however small the steps and slow the progress.

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Bespoke Support Service

Bespoke Support Service‘Ask Scarlet’ is your short support service. We want Constant Mentor to become a part of your life. We know there are times when you feel stuck, or need to ask someone independent for help. Ask Scarlet is included as part of our full programme. Ask Scarlet anything. She’ll email you back with a short answer as fast as she can …and that’s it!

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Latest Theory Implemented

Latest Theory ImplementedGoal achievement, learning and change are some of the best ways to achieve life happiness. We filter and incorporate the latest thinking and perspectives that will make you better achieve your goals. Interventions deliver all the latest usable knowledge you need, without fluff and information overload.

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Improvement Automation

Improvement AutomationSMS text and email cycles run daily – with typically 3-5 bite-size interventions per day. The cycles are scheduled to fit your attention gaps, and the content developed to be as sticky as possible to maximise the impact of the goal coaching and your actions. Important interventions are repeated based on spaced learning principles to maximise your learning and retention.

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Improvement Analytics

Improvement AnalyticsWhen you have completed your goal setting programme, we have a better view of how complete your goal setting and achievement skills are. After receiving a series of tailored goal achievement interventions your programme will then be periodically reassessed, enabling your progress to be monitored in detail across a range of improvement analytics. We use this to tailor the next phase of your coaching & learning, to track your progress and highlight any areas of concern to you.

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