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Your Mission/ Purpose

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Entrepreneur or CEO?: 7 Ways CEOs Can Fail to Think Like Entrepreneurs & Founders

CEOs can develop a problem over time. Entrepreneurs and founders can similarly suffer, but arguably it’s more pronounced with CEOs of more established companies. Their careers, reputation and sense of pride become inextricably intertwined with their business. This lack of separation has two major negative consequences: They stop properly working on the business because they become the business. Therefore to ... Read More »

How to set a ‘Mission above profit’ and why it’s vital

Mission Peak by Josh Hawley

We can all do a job. Whether for money or not, we can understand the tasks we need to do – by when and at what quality – and then do them. Some of us are more motivated to do a good job – for the sake of doing a good job – than others. Some work harder than others ... Read More »

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