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Executive Coaching: A Step-by-Step Guide

Executive coaching is becoming increasingly important for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders of businesses as a wider acceptance of the emotional side of running a business grows. “What’s the most difficult CEO skill? Managing your own psychology……very few people talk about it, and I have never read anything on the topic. It’s like the fight club of management: The first rule ... Read More »

Online coaching: The ultimate CEO & entrepreneur guide

CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders have a lot in common and their common needs for support are often ignored or not articulated. Online coaching solves this problem. They are expected to be resourceful and self reliant. To give support and leadership to others, but not to require any help themselves. Often they are expected to have all the answers, but frequently ... Read More »

Leadership Coaching is Like Losing Your Virginity: Top 15 FAQs

Leadership coaching is a little like losing your virginity: you’ve either done it, or you haven’t. And if you haven’t, then you really don’t know what it’s really about until you’ve tried it  (we promise never to use this analogy again) We thought it would be useful to pull together a short and sharp FAQ for leadership coaching virgins (ok, ... Read More »

Your 12-point Coaching Framework

Coaching could unlock the next level of success for most CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders, yet it is often misunderstood, incorrectly planned or poorly structured and delivered. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the executive being coached, but if you knew what to buy and what to look for in your service provider, purchasing would become a lot easier and the ... Read More »

5 tried and tested teamwork and team building recipes for entrepreneurs

There are three main areas of ineffectiveness within most businesses. Failures of implementation and execution are common and often are the result of poor management of individual potential as well as poor teamwork. As inherently social creatures, we often underestimate the performance impact that poor teamwork has on our organisations. We incorrectly see the creation of teams of individuals with roles that align ... Read More »

The Essential Cheat Sheet for CEO Coaching

CEO coaching can be one of the most difficult coaching relationships to establish. There are a number of reasons for this, but the very nature of the CEO’s role at the head of an organisation is one of the main problems. The coaching relationship with a CEO is a privileged position, but one that can cause potential conflict with other ... Read More »

Coach or Software Intervention? – the Top 10 Considerations

Ok, so it may not be a question you’ve even thought of asking; however technology, our understanding of how coaching impacts individuals, time pressures and the realities of information overload are changing rapidly. These rapid changes are leading to a reconsideration of the optimum balance of support for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders. Face to face business coaching will always have ... Read More »

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Neuro Coaching

Neuro coaching presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the modern CEO, entrepreneur or founder. The challenge is the more obvious. After all, neuro refers to neurological processes: the interaction between the nervous system and the brain. Immediately this raises questions for the more rational, logical business person; ‘how do you coach the brain?’ being the most common. This ... Read More »

Coaching is a uniquely human skill: what CEOs need to do

Coaching is brilliant. This isn’t an unadulterated sales message. It’s written because of what happens when you entertain that we’re the only creature that we know that coaches other creatures of the same species. Not only that, often the coach knows less – or is less skilled – than the person receiving the coaching. So how does that work? When ... Read More »

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