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Networking: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Power of Networks

Networking is key to a modern leader's success

Networks and networking are key to our success as humans. Neural networks in our brains enable us to apply knowledge and skills to problem solving, creativity and decision-making. Relationship networks enable successful and productive interactions with the world which we, and our business, are part of. At a business level, our business intelligence is central to our ability to evolve our ... Read More »

‘How to Improve Memory’ is Really About Improving Intelligence?

From an early age our memory is tested. We know from cramming for exams and learning by rote however that within days we’ve forgotten much of what we’d learned. Learning sciences, and the understanding of the importance of techniques like spaced learning, are now shedding a lot of light on how we learn best. Yet we still want to know ... Read More »

Information overload: 5 simple but critical tricks to avoid it

Anyone who wants to be both up to date with their personal development, knowledge and skills and remain connected and current with their information-sharing is there already. The pile of unread business books grows ever-higher, reading lists now prioritised latest release-first to at least attempt to keep up with what’s new. Subscriptions to business magazines, specialist and trade press act ... Read More »

Your Guide to Spaced Learning and How to Apply It

What role does memory and learning have in our current world of smart phones always on hand, the cloud always accessible and a plethora of note taking and outsourced memory software like Evernote? When most of us can open a browser window and a search engine within minutes, why is the assimilation of new information in the context of ongoing personal ... Read More »

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