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Motivation, Commitment & Self-Belief

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Motivation: The 6 commandments

One of the primary accountabilities of management is motivation. As well as your ability to self motivate and its implications for the team you lead, a sophisticated understanding of motivation and how to motivate others is a core skill. If you fail to understand how to motivate others and know how to use a set of tools to ensure their ... Read More »

Self motivation: 7 critical do’s and don’ts

Nothing gets done unless we can motivate ourselves. No plans are created, let alone executed. You end up stuck in the same place unless you happen to be hit by an external event. You start to plan a new product or service because your competitor has launched. You replace the averagely performing co-director when they make a major error. The problem ... Read More »

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the core leadership skill

Your Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is your ability to see, evaluate and act on or control feelings and emotions: yours, those of others and of a group. It is the core leadership skill because it regulates both your self-management and all your thoughts, behaviours and responses to other people. You are not a machine; you as a leader are an ... Read More »

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