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Is Most of Life Goal Setting and Task Achievement?

Goal setting, Goal achievement & overcoming resistance

Even life itself is a goal. Unconsciously your heart beats, you breathe and food & drink is turned into fuel as you digest. Their objectives are to keep you alive. To give you life. If they fail in their tasks, you’ll probably die. Throw in consciousness and we turn into goal setting and goal achievement machines. Find food, water, shelter, ... Read More »

Actions Are Priceless. Plans Are Meaningless.

Action is Priceless. Planning is Meaningless.

Humans are hard-wired for action. We evolved the ability to plan to take better actions. Don’t confuse the two. You can spend so long in your head and on paper/ screen, modelling scenarios, that real life becomes oppressive. A ‘Deep End’  in business forces you to attach an immediate (usually uncomfortable) action to any plan, or element of a plan, ... Read More »

Strategy & Plans

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