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Do You Believe What We Do?

Do You Believe What We Believe?A lot of products and services are designed for lots of people. Constant Mentor isn’t. We’ll have a long relationship if you believe what we believe:

  1. A failure to work hard to fulfil your potential is a failure to live a life that matters. It’s about trying, not talking.
  2. Leadership in life and business has to be different. Audacious. Doing things because they are popular and corporate best practice is snoozeworthy. It also means everyone does the same. Weird.
  3. Learning is everything. Seriously. If you’re not continually learning then you may as well go home.
  4. Cognitive science is a powerful tool when combined with the audacity of action. Stop over-intellectualizing and start over-doing.
  5. The most valuable resource in this age of information overload is the ability to give & receive attention.
  6. Better leadership in life and business leads to more autonomy & entrepreneurialism. This is just a good thing.

Are you ready to join us?

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