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Family man, founder/CEO, investor & CrossFitting ultra runner. Businesses apply cognitive science to goal setting & goal achievement for leaders. Love life.

Is Most of Life Goal Setting and Task Achievement?

Goal setting, Goal achievement & overcoming resistance

Even life itself is a goal. Unconsciously your heart beats, you breathe and food & drink is turned into fuel as you digest. Their objectives are to keep you alive. To give you life. If they fail in their tasks, you’ll probably die. Throw in consciousness and we turn into goal setting and goal achievement machines. Find food, water, shelter, ... Read More »

Actions Are Priceless. Plans Are Meaningless.

Action is Priceless. Planning is Meaningless.

Humans are hard-wired for action. We evolved the ability to plan to take better actions. Don’t confuse the two. You can spend so long in your head and on paper/ screen, modelling scenarios, that real life becomes oppressive. A ‘Deep End’  in business forces you to attach an immediate (usually uncomfortable) action to any plan, or element of a plan, ... Read More »

Implementation failure is everywhere: 8 people-based rules to avoid it

Failure to implement and execute new projects and initiatives is common in many organisations. Many excuses are given for lack of implementation – overwork, time constraints, changed priorities – but these are often given retrospectively. The real reasons for the failure tend to have already been baked in at the start of the project or activity, and are very human problems. ... Read More »

Executive Coaching: A Step-by-Step Guide

Executive coaching is becoming increasingly important for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders of businesses as a wider acceptance of the emotional side of running a business grows. “What’s the most difficult CEO skill? Managing your own psychology……very few people talk about it, and I have never read anything on the topic. It’s like the fight club of management: The first rule ... Read More »

Intuition in Decision Making Doesn’t Exist. It’s All About the Niche Practice

There are skills, qualities and traits in business that appear to be inherent or based on wisdom, rather than capable of being more rapidly learned. By thinking in this way we fail to sufficiently challenge ourselves to analyse how to learn these skills, qualities and traits. Intuition in decision making is one of the leading examples where perfectly rational business leaders ... Read More »

Online coaching: The ultimate CEO & entrepreneur guide

CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders have a lot in common and their common needs for support are often ignored or not articulated. Online coaching solves this problem. They are expected to be resourceful and self reliant. To give support and leadership to others, but not to require any help themselves. Often they are expected to have all the answers, but frequently ... Read More »

The CEO’s Quick Guide to Creating an Innovation Culture

‘Innovation’ and ‘culture’ as individual concepts are sufficiently difficult to achieve that they warrant stacks of books on the subject from lots of well informed professionals. Put the two words together as an objective to be achieved, and the CEOs of even the most sophisticated global companies will pale slightly. The problem is that to create an innovation culture within any ... Read More »

Entrepreneur or CEO?: 7 Ways CEOs Can Fail to Think Like Entrepreneurs & Founders

CEOs can develop a problem over time. Entrepreneurs and founders can similarly suffer, but arguably it’s more pronounced with CEOs of more established companies. Their careers, reputation and sense of pride become inextricably intertwined with their business. This lack of separation has two major negative consequences: They stop properly working on the business because they become the business. Therefore to ... Read More »

Leadership Coaching is Like Losing Your Virginity: Top 15 FAQs

Leadership coaching is a little like losing your virginity: you’ve either done it, or you haven’t. And if you haven’t, then you really don’t know what it’s really about until you’ve tried it  (we promise never to use this analogy again) We thought it would be useful to pull together a short and sharp FAQ for leadership coaching virgins (ok, ... Read More »

Networking: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Power of Networks

Networking is key to a modern leader's success

Networks and networking are key to our success as humans. Neural networks in our brains enable us to apply knowledge and skills to problem solving, creativity and decision-making. Relationship networks enable successful and productive interactions with the world which we, and our business, are part of. At a business level, our business intelligence is central to our ability to evolve our ... Read More »

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