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Family man, founder/CEO, investor & CrossFitting ultra runner. Businesses apply cognitive science to goal setting & goal achievement for leaders. Love life.

Motivation: The 6 commandments

One of the primary accountabilities of management is motivation. As well as your ability to self motivate and its implications for the team you lead, a sophisticated understanding of motivation and how to motivate others is a core skill. If you fail to understand how to motivate others and know how to use a set of tools to ensure their ... Read More »

Your 12-point Coaching Framework

Coaching could unlock the next level of success for most CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders, yet it is often misunderstood, incorrectly planned or poorly structured and delivered. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the executive being coached, but if you knew what to buy and what to look for in your service provider, purchasing would become a lot easier and the ... Read More »

5 tried and tested teamwork and team building recipes for entrepreneurs

There are three main areas of ineffectiveness within most businesses. Failures of implementation and execution are common and often are the result of poor management of individual potential as well as poor teamwork. As inherently social creatures, we often underestimate the performance impact that poor teamwork has on our organisations. We incorrectly see the creation of teams of individuals with roles that align ... Read More »

The Essential Cheat Sheet for CEO Coaching

CEO coaching can be one of the most difficult coaching relationships to establish. There are a number of reasons for this, but the very nature of the CEO’s role at the head of an organisation is one of the main problems. The coaching relationship with a CEO is a privileged position, but one that can cause potential conflict with other ... Read More »

Your Business Model is Breaking: 8 Ways to Keep It Evolving

‘A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value’. It is ‘a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes and systems’ such that being able to manipulate business models enables you to ‘create new strategic alternatives’ for your organization – Business Model Generation, Osterwalder & Pigneur They describe in their ... Read More »

A simple explanation of business intelligence and big data

You grow through experience and learning. Your skills and wisdom are accrued through action and feedback loops. Education and learning & development programmes significantly supplement experience, but it is mainly embedded as usable knowledge through application. Most of the ways in which you think and act are based on your knowledge and skills. Your brain and external brains – embedded ... Read More »

Coach or Software Intervention? – the Top 10 Considerations

Ok, so it may not be a question you’ve even thought of asking; however technology, our understanding of how coaching impacts individuals, time pressures and the realities of information overload are changing rapidly. These rapid changes are leading to a reconsideration of the optimum balance of support for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders. Face to face business coaching will always have ... Read More »

Self motivation: 7 critical do’s and don’ts

Nothing gets done unless we can motivate ourselves. No plans are created, let alone executed. You end up stuck in the same place unless you happen to be hit by an external event. You start to plan a new product or service because your competitor has launched. You replace the averagely performing co-director when they make a major error. The problem ... Read More »

7 unusually effective communication principles for CEOs

Knowing where to take your business is down to your ability to create a compelling mission above profit. Your strategic effectiveness is then required to create the long term plans of action to achieve the mission. Knowing what those who would be led, need to be led at this point in time to support and execute the achievement of the mission is ... Read More »

Creativity and artistry in business and why it’s important

Most things can be copied. It’s not long before your latest innovations are repackaged and enhanced by your competitors. Your new commercial model in a couple of years is a market norm. Pricing, packaging, positioning and the same supply chain are all accessible. Even your people are effectively buyable commodities unless you set a mission above profit that engages with ... Read More »

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