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4 tried and tested X recipes for Y…
The top 8 priorities for….
Everything X (eg. CEOs) should know about Y….
How to get past X, Y & Z….
Why X is the new Y….
A simple explanation of….
What X really means for Y….
X is broken: here’s how to fix it….
The CEO’s go-to guide to/ for….
The 10 commandments of….
7 steps to becoming a….
How will X affect Y?…..
How to X to Y….
Why CEOs should X to ensure Y.
The essential cheat sheet for….
How a X could do a Y.
9 guaranteed ways to….
8 things that CEOs fail to get right when….
20 critical do’s and don’ts for ….
How X should be doing Y.
7 lessons from the world’s best X.
15 insider tips for….
How to [Quick tip]….
10 ways to….
7 expert X tips….
Answers to the 19 most frequently asked questions about….
12 things you should be….
A step-by-step guide to….
How to …..
How to create a ….. in 5 simple steps.
X vs. Y
The ultimate guide to ….
11 simple but critical ….
Urgency or importance.
Controversial or sensational.
8-9 words or fewer.

– Present a problem
– Explain the solution
– Explain why the solution is important/ why you should know these things
– Explain the solutions to the problem you set up in the introduction
– Every bullet/ para/ heading should present a solution to a problem, then each should reiterate why that is important to solve the problem
– Reiterates the solution to the problem solved, and how important it was
– May contain calls to action (CTAs) – these can be throughout, or in-line, but should be contextually relevant to the problem being solved
– May ask for comments below
– But don’t be so long that people miss the CTA

Ronseal from below 300-500 optimal for SEO


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