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Creative Effectiveness

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The CEO’s Quick Guide to Creating an Innovation Culture

‘Innovation’ and ‘culture’ as individual concepts are sufficiently difficult to achieve that they warrant stacks of books on the subject from lots of well informed professionals. Put the two words together as an objective to be achieved, and the CEOs of even the most sophisticated global companies will pale slightly. The problem is that to create an innovation culture within any ... Read More »

Networking: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Power of Networks

Networking is key to a modern leader's success

Networks and networking are key to our success as humans. Neural networks in our brains enable us to apply knowledge and skills to problem solving, creativity and decision-making. Relationship networks enable successful and productive interactions with the world which we, and our business, are part of. At a business level, our business intelligence is central to our ability to evolve our ... Read More »

Creativity and artistry in business and why it’s important

Most things can be copied. It’s not long before your latest innovations are repackaged and enhanced by your competitors. Your new commercial model in a couple of years is a market norm. Pricing, packaging, positioning and the same supply chain are all accessible. Even your people are effectively buyable commodities unless you set a mission above profit that engages with ... Read More »

How to assess your 7 levels of business effectiveness

The seven levels of business effectiveness represent the core areas that a business leader should focus on in order to do better in business.  Importantly, they should be considered from the top of the pyramid down as they are connected and interact with each other. Unfortunately for you, when your effectiveness at any of these levels is suboptimal, they become ... Read More »

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